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Galaxy Wars Online is a Java (1.4 or later) based program and requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run. If you do not have the JRE installed you can download an installer with GWO and JRE included. Alternatively you can get the JRE from here.

The preferred method is the Self Installer.

Installer (No JRE) Installer (With JRE) Jar Only
Windows Download [1.6Mb] Download [14.2Mb] Download [0.3Mb]
Solaris Download [1.6Mb] Download [31.7Mb] Download [0.3Mb]
Linux Download [1.6Mb] Download [33.8Mb] Download [0.3Mb]
Unix Download [1.6Mb] Download [0.3Mb]
MacOS Download [1.7Mb] Download [0.3Mb]
MacOSX Download [1.3Mb] Download [0.3Mb]

Once downloaded, run the install file.

Jar Only

No installation as such is required. Just place it somewhere on your hard drive.


Click on either 'GWO Client' or 'GWO Server' to run Galaxy Wars Online.

Jar Only

There a 3 methods to run the Jar only download.

  1. Double click the Jar file if you have Excutable JAR files setup
  2. Create shortcuts for the Client and Server as follows:
    • Client: Target 'javaw.exe -jar gwo2.jar'
    • Server: Target 'javaw.exe -jar gwo2.jar -server'
  3. From the command line type 'java -jar gwo2.jar' for the Client and 'java -jar gwo2.jar -server' for the Server
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